Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Healthy Summer Calorie Saving Items

After getting back from Europe and eating rich European food I found that I needed to shed a few extra pounds, these products helped me remember how much I love eating healthy and got me back on track.


1) 2% cottage cheese: Low calorie & High Protein

What to do with it? eat plain (especially when trying to overcome cheesy cravings), mix with fruit (cherries, grapefruit, apples), mix with your favorite cereal (this is my favorite because I feel like when I eat cereal with milk it doesn't fill me and I could sit there and eat bowl after bowl but the cottage cheese satisfies that urge to refill your bowl)


2) 0% plain Fage Greek yogurt: Low calorie & High Protein & Low Sugar

What to do with it? eat plain (if you’re used to flavored yogurt this may not be your best introduction to Greek yogurt), mix with tuna for tuna salad instead of mayo (add your favorite spices or mustard to cut some of the yogurt taste), top Mexican dishes instead of sour cream (my favorite because I love Mexican food)


3) Powdered Peanut Butter: Taste good with less fat, sugar, sodium than regular PB

What to do with it? eat plain (yum), with fruit (apples, bananas), add to protein shake, PB & J sandwiches (of course), mixed with the plain Fage Greek yogurt (my favorite...great taste add fruit and it is like a PB cookie or pudding but much better for you)


4) Alexis Brand Chocolate Coconut Macaroon: Low Calorie & Gluten Free & bite size for portion control

What to do with it? eat plain (with warm almond milk…yum!) chop up in Greek yogurt (feels like your adding a toppings in a frozen yogurt cafĂ© but at home)


5) Salsa Publix Medium Brand: Less sugar and preservatives than the jarred varieties & Low Calorie

What to do with it? top Mexican dishes (of course), mix with egg whites (delicious additive to your healthy scrambled egg breakfast), add to a salad instead of dressing (recipes I have tried coming soon), on top of a turkey burger (add guacamole and you feel like you’re in a restaurant eating a burger but it boast a lot less calories), eat with chips (lentil chips are good and have less fat and calories than normal tortilla chips…can be found at Fresh Market)


6) Morning Star Veggie Sausage Patties and Links: Less Fat & Calories & Cholesterol than their animal counterparts, Protein Packed Product

What to do with it? Links…microwave for 45 seconds and take to go, Patties…the Hot & Spicy variety is the best tasting eat on a whole grain English muffin  with an egg or add toppings like All Fruit Jelly or Salsa to just the patty


7) Bolthouse Farms Blue Cheese Dressing: No added sugar and Low Calories

What to do with it? Love this dressing…add to salads or just dip veggies in it (tastes like regular blue cheese dressing but the yogurt base makes it so much lighter and has no added preservatives) I have tried a few other varieties in this brand and the blue cheese is the best!


8) Air Popped Popcorn: Low Fat & Calories

What to do with it? I add cracked black pepper, popcorn salt and a little I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter Spray to make the seasonings stick…then I sneak it into the movies! It saves $$$ and calories but without missing out on the summer the movie theater experience. There is also some research floating around talking about how popped corn kernels are full of antioxidants, just another reason to love popcorn!


9) Yasso Greek yogurt Bar: Satisfy Sweet tooth naturally & Fat Free & Low Calorie

What to do with them? I have tried the blueberry and strawberry, both good! Let them sit for a minute outside the freezer before you enjoy them for a creamier texture!   


10) Silk Almond Milk: Lactose Free & Vegetarian Friendly
What to do with it? add to coffee instead or creamer, heat up for an after dinner sweet treat, perfect for protein shakes, add to cereal etc. There are several varieties, I use the unsweetened vanilla or plain…low in calories and sugar. The sweetened varieties are tasty as well!                         

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