Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Legitimate Excuse and NY Resolution

So I admit, I am terrible at keeping up with this blog...but I have a legitimate excuse. After my last post this summer, my prayer was answered and I was offered a dietetic internship position! As I started spreading the good news I realized I had to explain myself a lot. I am going to do my best to clear the air and explain it once and for all (even though some days I feel like I barely know what it is or what I am doing). The internship is made up of rotations usually focused on clinical, school and community nutrition. Dietitians practicing clinical nutrition work in hospitals where they see patients and assess how what they eat and drink can help them heal from or manage different diseases. Dietitians in school nutrition plan and coordinate with the state/federal laws, individual schools and lunch participants on cafeteria menus in school districts. Community dietitians and nutritionist work with programs that promote nutrition/wellness and government programs that help people receive food when they cannot provide for themselves. As an intern you go through a certain amount of supervised practice hours in each area, after which you can sit for the Registered Dietetic exam. If you pass, you get to put the letters RD behind your name and call yourself a dietitian. Disclaimer! A dietitian is very different from a nutritionist. A dietitian has gone through strictly regulated practice hours and learning objectives to gain a certain sect of knowledge. Nutritionist are not regulated and because of that anyone can claim to be a nutritionist whether they have an extensive knowledge in nutrition like someone obtaining a masters or if they just took a one hour course on-line. Dietitians have similar education backgrounds in that they all have completed this internship. Nutritionist can have a variety of knowledge but may or may not be experts on food and nutrition. Hope that answers some questions. My new year’s resolution this year is to write more, keep me accountable. My desire is that in some small way my NY resolution will help someone out with their NY resolution of living healthfully.

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