Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Salad

After seeing many posts of others enjoying costal vacations and cuisine this Memorial Weekend, I decided to take part in a little coastal living myself.  I opened my refrigerated and created this delicious and simple salad.

Coastal Summer Salad:

-spinach (about 2 cups to fill the plate)

-corn (used about a ¼ cup)

-half a tomato chopped into eighths

-about a ¼ cup of reduced fat feta cheese

-grilled shrimp (from a few nights prior) can use already cooked shrimp or boiled shrimp as well

(grilled shrimp used was seasoned with lemon, Old Bay seasoning, sea salt and pepper)

-sprinkled parmesan, Italian seasoning blend, cracked pepper and balsamic vinegar to taste

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