Monday, October 14, 2013

One Crazy Week

SO a lot has happened since my last post. My decline in blog activity began with a brief but intense hibernation or cram session of sorts to prep for my Registered Dietitian exam. The exam is similar to sitting for boards, in other professions, and you have to pass to be considered an RD and to become licensed in your state. My last week of hibernation, I got word from my internship director of an opening for a clinical dietitian in my hometown. I was hesitant…never say never. I was that person that said I am NEVER moving back home. But thanks to the persuasiveness of some very wise people in my life I interview for the position on a Monday. I felt it went well and enjoyed what seemed like chatting with the two RDs interviewing me. Tuesday, I was back to a short cram session and some forced relaxation time the eve of my exam. Wednesday, I made the trek to Montgomery to take the test while trying to hold back the urge to vomit from nervousness. I began the test and question after question found myself saying “wait……whhhaaatttt”. There were maybe three questions I recognized from study materials. I broke into a hot flash; striping off layers of clothing one by one to get some relief. I was down to my tank top and jeans at this point. Even my favorite boyfriend style watch had to go. I took a long deep breath said a desperate prayer and finally it was all over. To make matters worse the sweet, young and pretty attractive guy that proctored the test couldn’t get my scores to reveal themselves. After calling I.T. and my many warnings to him that I may vomit or pass out…we got the score. I made him break the news, mostly because as I glanced at the screen I suddenly forgot how take these assembled characters and turn them into thoughts. And of course there are no huge numbers or words that boasted an obvious pass or fail. They make you read some giant paragraph explain you have passed. He said “you passed” I said “are you sure?”. The relief washed over my body and I was finally done. After such a crazy year of moving and working and all the time spent stressing and studying I had passed! I went out and had a much needed margarita and savored the sense of accomplishment that sat with me the rest of the day as friends and family expressed their happiness for me. I had barely gotten used to the idea that I was finally a registered dietitian when that Thursday I had a voicemail message from the recruiter saying they wanted to offer me the position I had interview for. I was shocked, everything was happening so fast. I gave it about 12 hours before I told anyone other than my parents. I accepted on Friday and the rest is history.

That drawn out saga was all to bring you to this point. I am a licensed registered dietitian and work at 413 bed acute care hospital. I mostly cover the oncology, stroke/neuro and perinatal floors. This job is more of a blessing and answer to prayer than I could have ever hoped. Not only is it with the same company I did my internship for and worked with at the hospital throughout my college days but it has opened the door for opportunities I didn’t think I would get to experience until much further into my career. In applying for internships you are asked to write out a five and ten year plan. My first year I wanted general acute care experience that would lead to and prime me for the five year goals of working with an employee wellness program and doing general one on one nutrition counseling for non-acute clients. I have been at this job about two months and am already doing both! It just goes to show never say never because the idea you once stuck your nose up at may be the best possible outcome. I also learned not to put too much time and effort into planning each step of life so precisely, because there is a greater design to life than we have control over.

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