Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Helpful Healthy Websites


Try this website to help find healthier items at grocery store. It has a mobile app you can download too!

Sign up and tailor your app to what type of diet you need - diabetic, heart health, weight management, general health. You can also adjust based on things you want in your diet like potassium or iron along with things you are trying to avoid like trans fats or artificial coloring. This app gives you the ability to scan a label at the store and it will give the product a score based on your needs / preferences. You can also search before you go. For example, looking for a new quick breakfast item...you can look under breakfast meals and it will pull up products you may like. The app also offers healthy shopping lists to keep you from adding unwanted items to your cart once you are wondering up and down those isles.


This site I have found helpful when going out to eat and trying to stay healthy. You are more likely to stick to a healthy plan if you go into a restaurant where you already know what you will order. The website has a variety of popular restaurants and their nutrition information. They also have nutrition information on packaged food products and even individual ingredients you may be adding to a recipe or just choosing to snack on.

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