Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Prep Healthy for a Weekend Getaway

I am a firm believer that summer months are much harder to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Yes, the winter months have their two big holidays with lots of unhealthy eating but summer has many events that can hamper your progress. Summer is full of drinking and grilling by whatever water you can find – pool, lake, river or beach. It is also full of smaller events like wedding showers, engagement parties, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette trips and baby showers. Not to mention the big holidays usually full of less than healthy options and physical inactivity like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Traveling in general can also throw you off your healthy routine when you are away from your home and don’t have your “go -to” healthy favorites. In traveling you are often tempted with unhealthy gas station options, airport convince stores and fast food stops in route.  I am a big fan of living life and not missing out on fun while not neglecting my healthy lifestyle habits just because I am on vacation. I set out to do just that on my next summer adventure.  
I was attending a bachelorette weekend at the lake this past weekend. I knew that the other girls in attendance were all health conscious as I was and would appreciate my endeavors. That being said all I  knew otherwise about this weekend was there would be alcohol intake, snacking and we would be by a lake. I wanted to set myself up for success so my first step was to go to WalMart and get some healthy snack to share. The next day I prepped and packed it up and the whole process only took 20-30 minutes. That just goes to show eating healthy is not more of a burden than if I had went and baked cookies or prepped less healthy snacks.

Packing list:
Bolt Blue Cheese Yogurt Salad dressing
Light Babybel Swiss Cheeses
Snap Peas
100 calorie packs of popcorn
Kashi Vanilla Oatmeal Packets

Healthier Drink Options:
Red wine
Coconut rum
Coconut water
Cherry Lime LaCroix

Prepping mostly consisted of washing, cutting up and storing the fruits and vegetables. Many of them you could have bought already cut up and washed to save even more time. The celery, snap peas, peppers and carrots were great with the salsa, dressing or hummus…which ever you felt like. The popcorn was a quick snack from drying off after swimming around in the lake. The Babybel cheeses are protected in a wax shell so as to travel well. The already chopped and washed fruit made quick snacks and additives to some mixed drinks. The bananas and oatmeal packets were a great breakfast alternative. For this trip I also knew someone was bringing cake so I figured instead of bringing ice cream…I could bring banana “ice cream”. This recipe is in an earlier post.  For my adult beverages of choice I either had red wine or mixed together the coconut rum, LaCroix and coconut water for a healthier option that a premade mixer or Coke. I have trial several different varieties of LaCroix and liquors to enjoy an adult beverage without having a sugar crash later. You can go to their website for more ideas -

All in all I had healthy options, got in some swimming, paddle boating and a walk on my lake adventure while still indulging on a few sweet treats that were brought and enjoyed every bit of my girl time!

This post is meant as an encouragement to plan ahead for you next trip. If you have healthy options available you will be more inclined to chose those even when on vacation. A little prep work can really keep you on track!

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